The basics of owning crypto

You are a few easy steps from owning crypto! Review the easy lessons below, follow our recommendations and begin your journey to profit from cryptocurrencies.

Step 1: Digital Wallet Primer

1. What is a Digital Wallet?
A digital wallet is the interface used to interact with a blockchain. Think of it like your online bank account and debit card combined.
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2. Types of Digital Wallets
There are five types of digital wallets: online, mobile, desktop, hardware and paper wallets. We recommend desktop and mobile wallets for new crypto users.
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3. Multi-Currency Wallets
Multi-currency digital wallets allow users to interact with many different digital tokens from one interface.
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Step 2: Download a Digital Wallet

1. Recommended Digital Wallet
Guarda Wallet is our #1 recommended wallet. We require the following features for any digital wallet. Multi-platform (desktop and mobile), multi-currency, friendly user interface, proven security. Guarda delivers.
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3 Install Digital Wallet
Follow the install instructions from Guarda. WRITE DOWN your password on paper! Download the backup file when prompted! If either of these are lost your crypto CANNOT be recovered.
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Step 3: Protect Your Crypto

1. Where is your crypto?
Crypto exists on a blockchain, which means it's backed up on computers all over the world. It does not exist in your digital wallet. Your digital wallet is a gateway to access your crypto on a blockchain.
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2. How to Loose Crypto
Crypto cannot be recovered if it is lost. It can be lost in two ways: not backing up your wallet or theft.
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3. Wallet Backup
A properly backed up wallet protects your crypto. It doesn't matter if you loose your phone, your computer crashes, or Guarda wallet ceases to exist. Your backup is critical. Your crypto relies on you backing up your wallet.
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4. Preventing Theft
Theft can happen if someone has physical access to your digital wallet or through hacking. A strong password is your defense in case someone gains access to your digital wallet on your phone or computer. Basic computer security prevents most hacking threats.
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Step 4: Claim Your Free Crypto

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