Portfolio Pack

$75.00 / month

Maximize your crypto by having crypto matching our model portfolio automatically delivered to your digital wallet every month.

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Portfolio Pack

Harvest Crypto Packs are the easiest way to accumulate cryptocurrency. Get started with crypto for a low monthly price. We buy a selection of crypto that matches our model portfolio and send it to your digital wallet monthly.

  • $75 monthly charge
    • $20 subscription fee
  • At least $55 in crypto sent to your digital wallet monthly
    • Bitcoin included every month
    • Ethereum included every month
    • ERC20 tokens included most months
  • Membership to Harvest Crypto referral rewards program*
    • Earn up to $500 in free crypto every month!
    • 3% of every every active subscriber charge you refer is delivered in BTC to your wallet


Referral rewards are available to all active subscribers. Portfolio Pack rewards are capped at $500 in free crypto monthly.